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At Inflatable Nightclub Chicago, we offer the ultimate in private partying experience – the perfect way to bring friends, family and coworkers together for a night of unforgettable fun. Our inflatable structures are the perfect solution for bringing your own nightclub right into your backyard! Our team is dedicated to providing an authentic club atmosphere while ensuring that everyone involved has an amazing time.

Each Inflatable Nightclub Chicago package includes everything you need to throw a wild party like no other – HD projectors, music systems, smoke machines and laser lights carried by our state-of-the-art technology. Plus, with complimentary snacks and drinks served throughout each event – your guests will be well taken care of.

Our onsite team also provides all of the necessary set up and take down services so that you don’t have to worry about anything from start to finish. Plus, with our security guards maintaining a presence in each venue – you can rest assured that everyone involved is safe and secure. We make sure that you are provided with everything you need for a great night without any extra hassle or inconvenience.

Our goal at Inflatable Nightclub Chicago is to create an environment where everyone can let loose and have a good time regardless of age limits or other restrictions found in traditional clubs. Whether it’s hosting corporate events or children’s birthday celebrations – we make sure that every event held at Inflatable Nightclub Chicago will remain smooth sailing from start to finish! So what are you waiting for? Let us help create your next memorable gathering today!


3432 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

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